5 Ways To Advocate For Your Health

We get one life. Taking care of our health should be a priority. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Maybe you don’t have health insurance or no one in your family ever gets sick. Perhaps longevity runs in your family. If that’s the case, great, but that isn’t a guarantee. (more…)

No Companion; No Problem

I turned fifty on May 13th, and I’m still single. Did it bother me? No, because I know that being single isn’t a disease nor does it prevent me from doing anything I want to do. My friends threw me a HUGE birthday bash, and I got to hang out (more…)

5 Things To Do When You’re Grieving

Grief comes into all of our lives. It’s inevitable, and sometimes, we beat ourselves up about not “getting over” what’s causing our grief in a certain amount of time. We think there might be something wrong with us because we’ve been encouraged to move on but can’t. In psychologist Georgia (more…)

5 Things to Tell Yourself Every Day

I was talking to a friend of mine today who feels like she isn’t where she should be in her life and that she doesn’t measure up to everyone around her. As I was reassuring her, I wondered how many other women feel the same way, and that led to (more…)

Writing What’s Most Important

Technology has taken over our lives. We email, text, and chat as ways of communication with occasional phone calls thrown in. One thing we are missing out on is writing. Actually putting pen to paper. If there is one thing I enjoy, it’s writing in a journal. There’s something about (more…)

5 Pictures You Should Take Often

I know this sounds like an odd post heading. Not everyone things about pictures as often as I do, but my obsession has a purpose. Not only do I get to share the beauty of the world with others, I get to look back on memories I might otherwise forget. (more…)

5 Reasons To Celebrate Yourself This Year

We spend a lot of time on other people in our lives. We work for other people (even if we’re self-employed, we have customers/clients to make happy), we listen to other people, and we care for other people. And these aren’t bad things. We want to make the people around (more…)